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Cheers to One Year

One year ago I embarked on the biggest adventure of my career and the journey has been amazing.

I left my old job and started my own accounting firm. What was supposed to be a small bookkeeping and tax company has morphed and grown beyond my wildest dreams. From out growing three offices, having a staff of five professionals that share my passion and heart, to getting certified for audits this has been an amazing year. All my expectations and goals were surpassed within the first nine months and I could have never done it without the love and support of all of you!!!

My family, friends, clients, Eliances Community, SANG, my employees, contractors, etc, the trust, support and confidence I have received from you is something I will treasure. You make me want to grow, learn and excel to my wildest dreams. Thank you!

So with that my first year in business and first tax season is a wrap!! Cheers to another great year.

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