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Government Shutdown – Effect on Taxpayers.

So many people have been asking what the Government Shutdown Means for the IRS and for Taxpayers

Well, there is good news and bad news.


The bad news: The IRS is among the government agencies affected by the government shutdown.

The good news: The IRS has a contingency plan in place which addresses which services the agency will and will not offer during the shutdown.


Check it out:

During the shutdown, the IRS IS still offering the following services:

  • Processing electronic and paper filed returns

  • Processing disaster relief transcripts

  • Design and printing of tax forms

  • Accepting payments

During the shutdown, the IRS is NOT offering the following services:

  • Answering phone calls – try it 800-829-1040

  • Issuing tax refunds!

  • Processing 1040X amended returns

  • Conducting audits or examinations of returns

Although the IRS has yet to announce a beginning to the 2019 tax season, we encourage you to continue planning for the upcoming tax season.

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